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Karlsruhe wildlife

I was surprised to discover, after all these years, that Karlsruhe has no river running through its center. This is quite unusual as most towns and cities are built around rivers for obvious reasons. Maybe the Rhine was just too wide so the city developed between the Rhine and the Alb tributary. However this discovery led me to a park on the outskirts of Karlsruhe where the small Alb river winds its way towards the Rhine. Fortunately, I came across a dominant hill (see pic) soon after arriving, allowing me panoramic views of the park, which helped me find my bearings. A lake below caught my attention, so I headed towards it hoping to find some wildlife to photograph (having just joined the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition). Everywhere the grass had been dried to a crisp and drained of its colour, leaving most of the park the colour of dirt. In fact by now most of the park was just dirt. What with the park being relatively empty too, it was a rather sad sight to b…

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