Wildflowers II


I was a little disappointed and shocked, to say the least, when I descended to the Kurpark last week to take some photos of all the wonderful wildflowers, only to find they had all been mowed down. Vast meadows of flowers cut down for no apparent reason. 
Maybe there was a good reason but in these strange times, when many insects are dying out, it is hard to think of one. Aside from the energy and pollution involved in carrying out this action. It has denied walkers the joy of seeing them and will have impacted insect and bird life.

I considered writing to the local council in the hope of some explanation but I knew all I could hope for would be some BS to send me on my way. I have considered maybe it is to reduce the pollen count for hay fever sufferers. But then surely cutting would make it worse. Anyway ever hopeful of an explanation should anyone wish to comment.

Luckily I have my own wildflowers on my balcony, so here are a few examples which have attracted a few bees, butterflies and wasps.


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