Pforzheim wildlife


I leave the forest behind me today and head into the city to take some photos. First stop is a walk along the river Nagold to Dillweissenstein. It's a beautiful sunny day but I am surprised how little there is to see on the river. Just one kingfisher and some lazy ducks and my camera's still tucked away in my rucksack.

After half a kilometer I reach edge of town where the river cascades over a short fall and the landscape becomes more rural. Here I see cormorants, herons, ducks, coots and swans, not to mention two more kingfishers. A great blue heron, wishing to have the wall to itself, rushes two cormorants further along and forces them into the water, with a splash they swim off with indignant shakes of their heads. On my return into town, crossing a bridge, I see a cormorant on the river Enz airing its wings. Perfect timing, the cormorant, silhouetted in the middle of the river, wings spread creates a nice composition.

Cormorant looking like a dancer on ice taking a final bow.


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