Wasp mystery (solved)


I noticed the other day that wasps had begun congregating on a certain spot on a plastic container. The container is an empty chute for building rubble so it has no food remnants or anything that might attract wasps. There are always around 25 wasps in this one spot and they seem to be exchanging something mouth to mouth, almost like they are kissing. They can be found nowhere else on this very large chute so there is something specific about this one spot. Maybe an animal or bird has left a trace of something, but you would think that after several days of non-stop activity there would be nothing left to find.

Update 08.09.2020

Well, after watching the wasps working away on this one spot for almost a week with nothing to show for it, today they had begun building a nest. So I can only assume all that busy activity beforehand was preparing the surface for the eventual nest. Amazingly I would have expected a nest to take months to build but it is growing before my eyes at a rapid rate. I hope to make a time-lapse of it if I can ever figure out how to use my Osmo Pocket. Oh, the wonders of modern technology, if only I was 40 years younger!

Update 12.09.2020 (Nest progress)

Update 13.09.2020 (Close up of wasps at work)

Update 18.09.2020 (Nest looks almost complete)



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