World of confusion

Sat on the balcony soaking up the winter sunshine, I gaze across the misty valley that's still in shadow and listen to the birds...

I am struck by the sounds of traffic echoing up from the town below that's over one kilometre away. Since Covid-19 traffic has been much reduced and aircraft flying to Stuttgart airport, just 30kms away, are rarely seen these days.

... and yet the continuous drone of traffic drowns out the sounds of nature. Just a couple of hundred years ago it would have been completely different. There would have been no sounds of traffic, just the birds chirping and the occasional dog barks.

Clearly the whisper of E-motion is the future.

Yesterday I took some photos in the forest before the winter snow covers the landscape.

Meanwhile, today the sheep graze happily in the sunshine, too busy even when I shout, to smile for the camera.


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